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Nuclear Energy and CC targets


The Spanish Nuclear Forum’s Education Corner was born with the purpose of helping teachers, by filling in the gaps in the existing shortage of educational resources in the field of energy.

Here you will be able to find a wide range of updated resources, news, activities, videos, information, links, itineraries, ideas, suggestions, murals, visits, games, simulators and more, for all educational cycles and stages.

From now on, when a teacher searches for information on the topic of energy, he or she will be able to find the necessary resources on this page, and this way help his or her students to learn significantly more.

Energy is a complex subject. The large variety of existing energy sources, the diversity of concepts and the wide range of approaches in the subject of energy energy makes it necessary to adapt it to different ages. For this reason, everything – from energy production to consumption, including transport, waste and, of course, economic savings – will be part of this corner.

The main goal of the Education Corner is to turn it into a forum for exchanging experiences, where everyone can share their own for the benefit of all. Additionally to this, teachers will be able to request help for a specific subject or ask about a concrete aspect of it, knowing that they will always get an answer.

Because energy matters. Join the Education Corner!